Monday, November 14, 2011

IB Satire Projects

Here are some links to some of the fantabulous satire projects my IB students put together. There were a couple that I wanted to add but could not because of technical issues, and one that was set on private that was very well put together. (Perhaps we can prevail upon her to change her account settings...)

One word of warning: the one titled "Voodooz Movie" is exceptionally creepy, so watch this one in a happy place and remember that good satire--really good satire--gets un-funny fast.

The following movies are presented in no particular order, so please don't read anything into the sequence in which I posted them; I am proud of each.

So, without further ado:

Call Of Duty Satire
by: furrymonsterunderurbed

The Counselor's Office
by: Shardingsloan

Police Satire
by: M3000A

Voodooz Movie
by: valeriacantu94

Messin' With Super Tea
by: Checo911

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

IB Satirical Comic Book Project

Now that you've finished reading Candide and are familiar with satire and the techniques used to create it, you now have the chance to be a modern satirist, like Voltaire, using humor to criticize human vice and folly in order to effect change. You have an open opportunity to make fun of society in order to change it!

The world is yours to mock!

Any and all of the taboo subjects are available for your mocking. I challenge you to create a Satirical Comic Book that clearly and effectively mocks some aspect of your world.

Your Satirical Comic Book must include clear and properly executed examples of:

  • Allusion
  • Situational and/or dramatic irony
  • Verbal Irony in the form of sarcasm
  • Understatement and/or exaggeration (Litotes and/or Hyperbole)
  • Pun or oxymoron
  • Humorous metaphor or simile
  • Parody
  • Caricature and/or Burlesque

Remember, the point of satire is to call the readers attention to some problem in order to change it; therefore, it should also do the following:

  • It should clearly mock something—society in general, school, government, teachers, parents, etc.
  • It should be long enough to effectively mock the thing in question.
  • It should use original photos, drawings, or other art to demonstrate creativity and originality.
  • It can use a program such as Comic Life, ToonDo, Xtranormal, or any other computer program you like. Or you can do a "low tech" comic if you prefer.

It must be submitted by November 11, 2011 at 4:30pm CST in one of the following manners:

  • A link to the work online via email sent to (be certain to verify that I have received it by the assigned date and time)
  • A thumb-drive/memory stick/DVD/portable data-saving device containing a copy of the project
  • A full-color, frame by frame printout of the comic in hard-copy format
  • An old-school “funny book”