Monday, October 8, 2012

IB Presentation Topics: Candide

Choose one:
  1. Voltaire's biography (Due Oct. 15)
  2. The 1755 Lisbon Earthquake (Due Oct. 15)
  3. Gottfried Leibniz and Theodicy (Due Oct. 16)
  4. What's in a Name? (The Meaning of the Names in Candide) (Due Oct. 16)
  5. The Intellectual Backgrounds of Candide (Due Oct. 18)
  6. Thumbs Down: Candide's Critical Reception (Due Oct. 18)
  7. "Bien, Tout est Bien" or Voltaire's Skeptical Rationalism (Due Oct. 19)
  • Yes, this allows for only a one week turnaround.
  • Yes, there is a hard time limit of 15 minutes per presentation (though some will not use all of their time).
  • No, there's nothing due on the 17th because that's the PSAT date.
  • Yes, the presentations get more difficult depending on how much time you get to prepare.
  • Yes, I will help your group, but you have to meet me before or after school this week, or Friday morning between 9am and high noon.
  • Yes, Joseph Decreux was alive when Candide was published, but did not, himself become famous until later. I just liked the painting.
Reading Due Dates:
 (Note: All reading assignments assume that you will read to the end of the last chapter listed.)
  • Chapters 1-10: October 15
  • Chapters 11-20: October 22
  • Chapters 21-30: October 29

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