Wednesday, May 1, 2013

IB Blade Runner Movie Project

Students shall demonstrate the ability to interpret and evaluate complex works of literature by:
  • describing the elements and structure of literature, the artistic intent, and the historical, cultural, and social background of the selected literature;
  • applying specific critical criteria to interpret and analyze the selected literature;
  • describing how particular effects are produced by the artist's use of the elements of literature; and
  • communicating an informed interpretation using the vocabulary of literature.
  • Students must use evidence from the film to support their claims. (No less than 3 pieces of evidence must be supplied.)
  • The essay's length should be no less than 600 words and no longer than 900 words typed.
Possible Essay Ideas:
  1. How is imagery used throughout the film to achieve the themes of the film? Elements you may want to consider are:
    1.  Discussion of the image of the eye. What might it symbolize?
    2. How is rain used in the film, and what is its significance?
    3. How is light used throughout the film? What does this achieve?
  2. Discussion of the environment and architecture.
    1. How and where do most people live?
    2. Advertisements, lights, and everyday things.
    3. Compare where Tyrell lives to where J. F. Sebastian lives.
  3. In Blade Runner, replicants are suppsoed to be neither free nor equal to man; however, when replicants were created, there were given the ability to reason and a conscience. Are replicants human?
    1. What rights should they be given?
    2. Is it just that replicants have killed to save their own lives?
    3. Should replicants be "retired" simply because they want to exist for longer than 4 years?
  4. Who is the hero in this story?
    1. Is Deckard on a hero quest or simply a little person doing his job?
    2. Is Roy Batty a hero?
  5. What are the Biblical images and themes in Blade Runner, and how do they relate to the themes of the film?
    1. Can Tyrell be seen as a man trying to play God? How is he punished? Is this ironic?
    2. Can Roy and Pris be seen as a futuristic Adam and Eve? Compare their fall from life to the story of Genesis and the Fall from Grace.
    3. What is the significance of Miss Salome (Zhora) dancing with her snake?
    4. Can Roy be seen as a Christ figure? Is he paying for the sins of humanity?
Any outside topic must be approved no less than one week in advance of the due date by Mr. McGhee.

No exceptions.
(This means you.)

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