Monday, October 28, 2013

IB Questions for Candide

1. How does Voltaire design the opening chapter of Candide to be recognized as a parody of the Biblical story of the Fall, and why would Voltaire be doing this?

2. Compare how Voltaire has explored the themes of judgment and punishment, or disguise and deceit, or love and friendship, and with what effect.

3. If Candide is a satire, then what is the dominant vice or folly of society being criticized?

4. Interpret the last words of the short novel (in Robert M. Adams’ translation): “[…] we must cultivate our garden."
  • Exam on November 5 (the day before the Satire project is due)
  • You may have one side of one sheet of paper as prep notes for each essay
  • You will be asked to draw one essay on one topic from the essay question bucket on the day of the exam. The luck of the draw determines which essay you will write.
  • The exam will be open prep note, and open book (which means you will be expected to quote directly from the text.)
I will be available during my regular office hours for assistance with essay outlines.

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