Wednesday, January 15, 2014

AP/IB 4th Six Weeks' Extra Credit

The Subjects:
Here they are: the movies to watch for extra credit for the 4th Six Week Grading Period. They are all exceptionally good and exceptionally relevant to the material in Heart of Darkness.
 *Warning: these last two are harsh. Very harsh.

The Assignment:
Write a one page, double-spaced, twelve font position paper on the issues raised in any one of the films. Be sure to cite specific examples from that film to justify your stance on the subject. Your aim is to convince your audience 1) that you are knowledgeable about the film, and 2) that your response is the most rationale stance to take.

This assignment is repeatable (i.e. you can do four separate papers on four separate films for four separate extra credit opportunities.

Please turn in all extra credit work by Wednesday of the last week of the six week grading period.

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