Thursday, September 1, 2016

IB Lit: Infernal Presentations

Presentation Topics:

  • Mythological Prison Guards: Pagan Creatures in The Inferno
  • The Prophesies of The Divine Comedy: the Meaning and Implications of the 4 Prophesies in The Inferno
    • Canto VI - Ciacco
    • Canto X - Farinata
    • Canto XV - Brunetto Latini
    • Canto XXIV - Vanni Fucci
  • The Powers and Limitations of Human Reason in The Inferno
    • Why does Dante do what he does with Virgil?
  • Dante's Politics in The Inferno (or "Dante v. the Pope")
  • The Highway to Dante's Hell--the Biblical, Classical, and non-Christian Inspirations for Dante's Version for the Terrain of  the Underworld
  • Botticelli, Blake, Dore, and Dali: a Comparison of the Pictorial Representations of The Inferno in Various Illustrations
  • Robert Frost's "Fire and Ice": A Thematic and Analytical Comparison to The Inferno
Due Date (All Project Teams): September 12

Presentation Parameters:
  • Each partner is responsible for an equal share of the work
  • Each partner is responsible for five (5) minutes' worth of the presentation
  • Visuals are acceptable and encouraged (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc)
  • Rubric ____/30 points possible
    • Knowledge and Understanding: 0-5 points
      • How well does the candidate know and understand the content of the work(s)? 
    • Interpretation and Personal Response: 0-10 points 
      • How valid is the candidate’s interpretation of the work(s)?
      • To what extent does the candidate’s response show critical thinking and originality?
    • Presentation: 0-10 points
      • How effective and convincing is the candidate’s presentation?
    • Use of Language: 0-5 points
      • How accurate, clear, and precise is the language used by the candidate?

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