Monday, February 6, 2012

AP Exam Registration!!!


Register ASAP for the Advanced Placement exams you plan to take in May. The deadline to register without incurring a $50 late fee is March 30.

Because of the grants we get to help defray costs, there are two tiers of expense: grant-assisted and full-price. If you are on the free or reduced lunch program, then you are eligible for a further decrease in the overall cost of your exams (again, thank you, grants).

Science, math, and English exams all qualify for the reduced cost of $31 for each exam. This means if you are in my AP or IB English class, you only need to pay $31 for the AP English Language and Composition exam. (If you are on the lunch program, then it's only $13. Not free, but close.)

Psych, arts, music, foreign languages, and all of the social studies exams are $87 each. Yes, it's pricey, but we don't get breaks to help defray these costs--much to my chagrin. (And if you are on the lunch program, then the cost is $27. Again, not free, but not too bad.)

The forms are coming to class in the next day or so. You can also get a copy of the form from Ms. Porter up in the testing room on the second floor.


The Mostest Importantest Test Date of Your Whole Life

is May 16, 2012

at 8:00 am CST!!!!!!1!!!!one!!!!

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