Friday, February 17, 2012

AP/IB Research Project Due Dates

In the next six-week grading period, we will have a research paper due in various stages. I am posting the dates now so that you will have plenty of time to work this in to your busy schedule.

Note: Even though AP and IB are going in different directions this next grading period, the assignment and the due dates are the same.

Each student will choose a modern controversial issue in an emerging nation to research. The issue must be the result of American and/or European imperialism/colonialism, and by "modern" I mean on-going issues continuing into the 2oth and 21st centuries, or issues that have arisen as a result of past "first-world" intervention.

  • Each paper will cite a minimum of three (3) legitimate sources
  • Each paper will be between three and seven typed pages in length (or 6-14 handwritten pages)
  • Each final paper will be typed in MLA format (12 font, Times New Roman, 1" margins, etc)

Due Dates (all dates have a cut-off of 4:15pm CST):
  • March 2 - Topic
  • March 9 - Four (4) legitimate sources (print-outs or photocopies)
  • March 23 - Rough Draft (hand-written or typed)
  • March 20-28 and April 2-5 - individual appointments before or after school to review rough drafts
  • April 6 - Final Draft due

Note: March 29 through April 1 is the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh; therefore, I will be out of town and unable to help you unless you drive to the reenactment site in Tennessee and find me. Even then, I will be in the 19th century and unable to help you with events that have yet to occur; I may actually arm you and make you fight for whichever side I'm on at the moment. Or I might have you shot as a spy. Either way, it's your risk.

We will discuss the parameters in further detail in class, but it's a good idea to start thinking about it now since the paper does, in essence, stem from our reading of Heart of Darkness.

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