Thursday, February 14, 2013

Post-Colonial Africa Research Project (AP and IB)

The aim of this research paper is to identify and explain a modern issue in post-colonial Africa. Pretty much any topic is fair game, from Somali pirates to apartheid to conflict diamonds to genocide to the Arab spring. If you are interested in reporting on it and it can be linked back to outside meddling by some foreign power, game on. This makes the actual purpose of the paper very simple: you must 1) demonstrate the ability to research and explain a topic, and 2) format that explanation appropriately with sufficient citation.
  • Topic: Any modern issue in post-colonial Africa that is a result of (or has been exacerbated by) outside influence by a more developed nation.
  • Format:
    • A minimum of 600 words
    • MLA or APA style
    • A minimum of 3 properly cited sources
  • Style: Expository
  • Due: March 1 @ 4:45:00pm on 
If you are not sure if your topic is appropriate, come see me. If you find that you simply have no interest in your topic, change it. Seriously. The idea here is that you have been given a relatively simple task, so rock its socks. In other words, impress me.

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