Monday, March 4, 2013

IB Novels into Films Presentation Schedule REVISED!!!

For the record, here are the presentation dates (subject to revision as necessary):

March 19

Janet and Max
March 20

Shannon and Herron
March 21
Alex and Laura
Kyle and Harrison
March 26
Megan and Farley
Marcel and Gage
Vaughn and WILSON!
March 27
Evelyn and Jack
Edereida and Hector
Kate P. and Chase
March 28

April 2

Audrey and Brandon
Jose and Michaela D.
April 3

Stephanie and Robert
April 4

Kris and Katie
Patrick and Kortny
April 9
Jamilex and Brittany
Madeline and Maddison
Nancy and Joy
April 10

India and Daniel
April 11
Jesus and Agnes
Allison and Issac
April 16
Luke and Matt

Victoria and Gabby
April 17

Erin and Javier
April 18
Zane and Oksana

Alister and Clarissa
April 23
Jamerra and Alycia

Lorena and Karissa
April 24
Mexihca and Ethan

Solina and Collette
April 25

Abby Q and Maria

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