Wednesday, March 22, 2017

IB Lit: Patient Blanche D.

In order to prescribe an appropriate therapy, the medical staff of Central Louisiana State Hospital need your help in establishing a background for their newest patient, Miss Blanche D______ (redacted for patient confidentiality purposes).

Students will adopt the perspective of a psychotherapist and prepare a brief case study (350-750 words) of Miss Blanche. The task is to describe the habits and behaviors which drove the patient to the asylum; specifically, students must address the following:
  • what are the patient's symptoms?
  • what patterns of dysfunctional behaviors may have contributed to committing the patient to the asylum?
  • are their any specific circumstances or events that may have precipitated her arrival?
  • and finally, based on these patterns of behaviors and circumstances, is recovery possible in the immediate future, or is the patient to be committed for a long term (or even permanent) care?
Please note that this is not a typical book report, and as such students should not simply summarize the events of the play. The central question to answer (using the bulleted questions above as a guide) is how did the patient come to arrive at the asylum, and why.

Due Date
7 April 2017

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